Day 11: Run, baby, RUN!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

<---No, this is not NYC, I just love the image! :) My 4 mile race went SO WELL. My goal was to run the race in 44 minutes; I was thinking back to the marathon I ran many years ago, and I remembered how hard it was to keep pace with so many people around me, so I was trying hard to be conservative. Since it was my first race in many years, I wanted to be sure I didn't kill myself! Anyway, I ran the race in 36:50!!! That's under 10 minutes a mile, around 9:12 a mile, which for me is great! I felt so strong the whole time, no cramps, no worries, no fatigue at all--I probably could have gone faster as I didn't feel "spent" at the end. In fact, for the rest of the day I felt just great!!! I had a big smoothie and a small cup of non-raw green tea at around 6:30 am, and then headed off for the race which started at 8:30 in Central Park. I drank some water and had a banana around 8 am, and then, we're off!!! Right after the race, I grabbed 5 plums that the race volunteers were offering--fruit is the best thing to recover with after a tough run.

Then I headed home, showered and ate a big salad of grape tomatoes and avocados and walnuts--my favorite thing ever. For dinner, I had a big salad with hemp, spinach, tomatoes, Udo's Oil, vinegar, and another 1/2 an avocado...yum! I ate it quite early, around 5 pm, and then at 7 I had a box of strawberry's with dark agave from David Wolfe's site. I went to bed around 10 pm, but really felt open and wonderful all day. This raw thing is making me feel like a new person. Like, I feel more myself: I am peeling away the onion layers of crap (both physical and emotional) that have collected over the last 38 years of my life. I find myself more reflective, able to see where I am erring in my relationships and more willing to accept responsibility for those mistakes. I am generally more calm, although I do have my moments for sure and I would so love to leave that anger behind.

Unfortunately, I got into an argument with my husband this morning; I woke up "on the wrong side of the bed" and was cranky and looking for a fight. Also unfortunately, however, my husband "took the bait" and we got into it over nothing at all. I completely accept that I was in a bad mood upon awakening and should have simply stayed out of the way for a bit until my mood shifted. Perhaps I had a bad dream that I don't recall, but I do remember being woken up by my son and feeling out of sorts, draggy and groggy.

Let this be a lesson to me:
learn how to not get in people's faces when feeling shitty! Back off instead. It's my eldest son's 6th birthday today and I want him to have a wonderful day, and being pissy over stupid crap will not a great day make. As I mentioned in a prior post, I am doing The Work and last night was thinking "I feel so great, I have nobody to judge". I didn't even want to fill out the worksheet!! And now look at me. HA! Just when you think you've progressed emotionally, something happens to smack you back on your ass and you think WOW! I guess I DO have a lot of work to do!!!!!

I will post about my Day 12 tomorrow morning!! Hope everyone is enjoying their mind-expanding raw journey.


Joy B said...

<----This is me IMPRESSED. I screamed when I saw your time....WOHOOOO GO MY FELLOW RAW GIRL!

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