Day 7: Life is good

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So my period is VERY heavy, but utterly painless. Interesting. Yesterday was Day 7 and I did my longest run ever (well, since I ran the marathon 10 years ago): 4.1 miles in under 44 minutes (which is fast for me) YAY!! I felt GREAT. A bit of fatigue did show up around noon, so I took a brief 10 minute nap--the fatigue was definitely due to physical exertion. The fact that I can get up at 7 and be out the door and running by 7:30, without coffee, without the feeling of "oh, just 10 more minutes of sleep!" is nothing short of miraculous for this 38 year old, avowed non-morning person person.

When I returned from the run, I had a big smoothie, lots of bananas, e3live, cacao, and berries. For lunch I went by Whole Foods as I was out of lettuce (aaaack!) and went to their pricey salad bar. Since I wasn't getting any of their non-raw dishes, it actually ended up being only $5.50. I put in mixed lettuce, tomatoes, marinated carrots and peppers, raw almonds and olive oil and vinegar. I also ate 2 bananas as a snack. For dinner I made another yummy dish: Spicy Tomato Soup. Ingredients include roma tomatoes, raw red miso, garlic and water.

I went out with friends to a wine bar (my first time out with friends in ages) and I did have a glass of wine. That's okay with me. I didn't eat any of the cheese, olives, or other plates on offer, so all in all, living in the real world, I did good.

Of course, I felt tired this morning when I awoke!! But that's a post for another day :)

Rock on, rawies!!!!


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