Day 4: Hmmmm

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Okay, so today was going well...smoothie for breakfast (forgot to soak the oat groats last night, so no porridge for me!) and a big salad and strawberries for lunch. However, had a hard conversation with someone in the afternoon, which made me stressed and anxious, and while I was making the boys their burritos, I nibbled on a tortilla. Not the worst thing I could have done, and I knew very well while I was doing it that I was doing it due to stress. I did manage to catch myself and take some deep breaths and stop nibbling. It can be hard when you're preparing cooked food for your family and want to be 100% raw yourself. I am only human LOL.

Anyway, didn't run today--spent the day with my family in the park. It was a gorgeous day in NYC wasn't it?? Oh, nearly forgot! Something weird happened to me this morning. I woke up and my face was SO puffy--have no idea why. Could it have been all the nuts I had for dinner last night? I also had congestion in my nose and throat. In any case, I definitely prefer lighter fare, like salads, than nut-heavy desserts and soup. Luckily, my weight remains steady at 117, although I think I mentioned I'd sure like to get down to 114 this month.

Signing off, going to make my big ass watermelon for dinner :)


Anonymous said...

oh sorry you got tempted. it's so easy to forget, huh? stress is one of the hardest things too. just do something nice for yourself now and relax. the watermelon sounds so delicious!


Joy B said...

I wanted to do this soo badly. I found your blog on I recently did a non-food fast. Starting with 3 days on the lemon cleanser ( a concoction of lemons, cayenne pepper, water and maple syrup). I got so tired of the taste and switched to a fresh juice fast. I did that for a little over 9 days. Now I want to go 100% raw...but its been more challenging then I thought. I love the way it makes me feel though. I haven't been 100% at all. On some days I'm only like 75%. So you've been a great encouragement but I think I need to get more ingredients, knowledge and equipment before I try it to go 100% for 30 days. I am gonna try 100% raw until this Friday. So I'll be right there with you!! Let's keep chatting. I need your knowledge. I am going to purchase a blender today!

My breakfast wasn't really raw, but I made raw chili and raw collard greens for dinner tonight

2 tomatoes diced
1 pepper
1 celery stick
chili pepper
cayenne pepper
red pepper flakes
2 tbsp olive oil( i put too much!)
sundried tomatoes

I didn't have a food processor and it was good as is!

Collard Greens ( i got the recipe online somewhere)

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup chopped sundried tomato
1/4 cup scallions or onions
1 garlic clove
1 tspn red pepper flakes
2 tspn of sea salt
1/2 tspn black pepper
1 bunch of collards
1/8 cup of olive oil

I love them!

BTW,any hints on rice? I have been soaking some brown rice for 2.5 days now and its still not

Also, any recipes that are easy for a beginner with just a blender and her hands!!
I look forward to chatting with you!
Stay strong for these days 'cause this beginner is right there with you...starting NOW until Friday.

Btw, lately I am NEVER hungry. I think its because of the fast and stomach shrinking but I am NEVER hungry. I just eat to eat...which is bad , i know but after depriving myself for over a week I want to have all the flavor in my once lol ( I am exadderating) to you soon!

Hillary said...

Joy B: you're doing great. Your recipes sound wonderful, keep it up!! Every day you can make a renewed effort to be raw as much as you can. And if you have some cooked, you can always try again the next day. That's the beauty of life. Don't worry. It can be harder for sure when there are more options. One idea is to get rid of the cooked foods in your pantry so you're not tempted.

Rice can be tough to do. You need to get rice that is fresh, that hasn't been sitting on the shelf for ages. You need to rinse it every 12-24 hours and do that for 2-3 days until soft. You might try soaked wheatberries instead--much easier to do!!

You can do it. And remember, if you have some cooked food, it's OKAY. It's a journey you're on.

But I look forward to you being 100% raw for the week :)

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