So, tomorrow is the big day!!!! Are you in???

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hey raw foodies!! Tomorrow, July 9th, is the big day--30 days of 100% raw...can you do it? I have been high raw for about 4 months. I've eaten the occasional bowl of quinoa, bites of my boys' vegan dinner, some alcohol, and some tea...but I want to find out if there's any difference (for me) between 100% raw and high raw, and I figured--no time like the present! It's summer and it's warm here in NYC, so it shouldn't be too hard, right?

I think for me the challenge will be to not have the "little nibble" here or there of my boys' food, not have any tea, and not have any alcohol. I am going to make some dehydrated foods, like tortilla chips, to get me through those patches where I crave something more substantial...anyone have any good recipes to share?

Post below if you want to join us in this challenge, and you can post your experiences as we go through the 30 days.


Deanna Balestra said...

I will do it with you! I've been wanting to try 100%. I'll friend you on give it to me raw too I'm Lola Dark

Thë Brontea said...

yeah sure i'm totally up for the challenge! never done it before but right now im about 75% and this is the awesome chance to try not just a challenge but a detox for the next thirty days!!!

mohiganraindance said...

Perfect timing nycgrrl, I'm 100% again now anyway, and did plan to continue. I'm so happy to have the support of other people on the net doing it at the same time. Thank you.

annie said...

oops, one day late but i'm in (starting tomorrow!) yay! i've been trying to do a 30 day challenge for awhile and hopefully this'll inspire me to stay on track! :)

jmcanseco said...

how funny i just started my own little 30 day trial a couple of days ago and i just saw your post on today haha. so yeah I'm sooooooo down to try this do this

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