Days 15 and 16: GO RAW baby!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sorry I haven't been posting gets in the way, and as I find my rhythm with this raw thing, I find I gravitate towards the same meals every day: smoothie in the a.m., big salad of fruit or greens at lunch and for dinner, another huge salad with fruit. My energy was a bit low today, but i think that's because I have been having issues with a formerly good friend of mine, and I am feeling low because of it.

Thank you for the suggestions re my energy. I definitely need to sleep more; I have this fantasy that because I am raw I can sleep less, but really, for me, it's not happening. Before I went raw, I needed 8-9 hours a night (not that I got it) and now, I definitely need 8. I have to say though, the fact that I can get up and go running at the ungodly hour of 7 am is nothing short of a miracle. I am able to 'wake up' quickly, without caffeine, and get out the door, whereas for the last 20 years I have needed an hour to 'wake up'. So this is good.

I am totally off the anti-depressant meds now and there are days when i notice the difference. For me, irritability and outbursts are a big thing to learn to control. I hate getting upset with my kids, and the meds 'controlled' that in me (to a degree). Now I have to figure out another way to handle those feelings, which unfortunately are still there! Exercise helps, eating lots of greens helps, and reading books like those by Byron Katie, Haim Ginott, and Alfie Kohn help alot too. But it's a constant battle to be aware of my behaviour--I am not naturally easy going or low-key, and I wish I were for my kids' sakes. I really do. But I can't change that no matter how much I might wish to. I yam what I yam, as Popeye says.

Today, the NYT published the news that Randy Pausch had died. This really hit home for me, as I have watched his lecture numerous times and read his book as well. I just want to say he's an inspiration and left a wonderful legacy.

Okay, I want to post the link here for the video, but it seems the whole world is watching this vid so I can't access it now. Go to youtube and search for The Last Lecture.


Deanna Balestra said...

Great blog, found on raw fu, I'll be reading! I'm adding to my google reader!

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