Day 8: Delish Day

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ah, another wonderful raw day!!!!!! I am so happy right now. My mood is good. My mood is even. My son, who is 6, is having some defiance issues, and I am learning to cope. I was getting angry, but I have been reading some books and learning more about how to deal with him. Punishment is so not the answer. Keeping him close, validating his emotions, is. I am also doing "The Work" (read Byron Katie's books to learn more...her website is and this is definitely at least 75% of my challenge: to learn how to accept situations and not change them.

I can truly say my openness to this stuff is due to raw. I am so much more clear than I've ever been before. I can 'see' things. I may not be ready to change my behavior, not always at least, but I can 'see' what I am doing wrong. I can more clearly 'see' what needs to change. It's all good.

Today I was a bit more tired upon wakening due to having a glass of wine last night ,but I don't regret it. It was nice to get out, see friends, and relax. I had a big smoothie this morning (but of course!) bananas, cherries, cacao and stevia. For lunch, a simple green salad with almonds and raisins. And now, late afternoon snack of corn soup: raw corn, walnuts, olive oil, garlic, jalapeno pepper. All blended up. Very simple and delicious. Since I shucked so many ears, I decided to make this soup in addition to some jalapeno corn chips--those of course won't be ready til tomorrow, but that's okay as I have run out of avocados (the horror!!!!) Later on, I will likely have a bit of salad and fruit, but that's all for the day.


Joy B said...

That soup sounds good, can I ask how much of each ingredient you added? I think I'll make it soon. Today for dinner I'm having a salad with raw corn! It's so yummy I didn't realize how good raw corn was.

I'm almost 100 percent raw today!! woohoo. The only thing that wasn't raw was alittle maple syrup that I put in my smoothie and I'm having balsamic vinagrette dressing from the store on my salad...don't think thats raw! Anyways I gotta go grocery shopping ASAP. Thanks for Blogging~ I look forward to reading and learning. :)Joy

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