Day 12: Better!

Monday, July 21, 2008

So today I went for a run first thing, and got a really bad stitch and couldn't finish my run. That seriously bummed me out. But I did some research and it seems that 1) I need to not start off so fast and 2) I need to "belly breathe" tomorrow I will try these 2 things and hopefully it won't happen again.

Other than that bad start, it was a good day. I ate a blueberry kale banana smoothie for breakfast and had two seperate salads for lunch: seems one wasn't enough. Both had lots of greens, sesame seeds, nuts, avocado, tomato, celtic sea salt, and olive oil. For dinner, I had a huge fruit salad of blueberries, bananas and cherries. Very nice indeed.

My mood improved today too. Was it great? No. But it was a helluva lot better than yesterday, and I am really thinking two things re my mood:

1) Yesterday and Saturday I did not eat as much fruit as I'd been eating before.
2) I am not sleeping as much as I should. Sleeping 7 hours, and I need 8.5 hours.

So tonight I am making up for my relatively fruit deficient diet (hey, it's impressive when 5 plums, a cup of blueberries, and 3 bananas means "not enough fruit". 6 months ago that would have been my consumption of fruit over 10 days!!!) I want to really increase my fruit intake a lot. And I am also going to be in bed with a book by 10, and lights off at 10:30 ("lights off"..doesn't that remind you of summer camp?? hee hee).

Until tomorrow, peace.


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