Day 6: Hanging in there!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Heya 6 woohoo!!! Today was the arrival of Aunt Flo...and it was rough. All in all, I did pretty well, for breakfast I ate some raw oat groats that I had soaked and dehydrated with some hemp milk and almonds...pretty darn tasty!! I was really in a crabby mood for the majority of the morning, until Auntie arrived. I was seriously bloated so for lunch I had lots of watermelon and bananas, and for dinner more watermelon. I am hoping its natural diuretic qualities will help get rid of the bloating I experience during this time of the month. I didn't have time to get greens so there will be no salad tonight sadly. But that's okay, because I really don't like to eat after 7:30 at night, and it's already 8 pm. Some more watermelon and a big carrot juice will be just fine. My husband wants me to make the corn chips that I've been promising to make...corn is sitting in the if I get up the mojo I will do that.

Missed my run today, just wasn't feeling up to it, but plan on a 4 miler first thing tomorrow morning. I am going to lay out my clothes and my sneaks so that I can just get up and go. Hubby has promised to watch the kids and feed them breakfast while I am gone. It's definitely a struggle finding the time to work out when you have young kids and no sitter!!!!

Okay, hope everyone is doing well!! Joy, I responded to your post from the other day right under where you posted. Click View Comments (I think that's what it says) to see what I wrote.


Joy B said...

hehe thanks so much, I tell you i've all ready cheated, but like you said tomorrow is another day and it gives me hope to see you doing it. I got some watermelon so that will be my breakfast tomorrow and i got some salad stuff. Can you give me any recommendations for the salad, esp. dressings? I tried making one today and it wasn't that great, I ended up rolling it into a nori roll, which was great, but I'm out of those :(. BTW, I finally got the CHEAPEST blender but it doesn't even work! I gotta bring it back and upgrade to a better one. I think having delicious smoothies to sip on will help me! Here I go, tomorrow is another day!! Thanks for your encouragement!!

Anonymous said...

mmm, hemp milk, still haven't made my own version of that. sounds good.

you survived day 1 of aunt flo, that's always the worst for me.

and you've inspired me to run too! I did 20 minutes today and I will up it a little each day.

-bitt from goneraw

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